Vaimānika Shāstra

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Manoj one of the researchers on Vaimanika Shashtra, has taken Sundara Vimaana as his dream project and is already in progress to develop its fuel engine.

I recently met Manoj on 21st Feb 2011, as advised by Mr. M. P. Rao, for his work on the project Sundara Vimaana. I was amazed to know that Manoj got his interest on the Vaimanika Shashtra in the same way I got. He also had a dream to build an air craft using the knowledge of Vaimanika Shashtra.

His works and the topic choosen was excellent. the Sundara according to the Script, is an aricraft based on Jet propulsion. The fuel used in this aircraft is a bio-fuel mixture, having high efficiency of energy. It was difficult for me to get the fuel details with the meer knowledge I have on them. Manoj, being an Engineeding student, has got his friends involved into the project and got the right composition for the fuel mixture as per the text.

Lot more to write…

I have my team to help his team in this R&D.

All the best Manoj..smiley

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