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The mind of A K Vishwanath and his R&T (Research & Tapas) has made him design and develop a prototype of a flying car, which has taken the centre stage at Aero Show 2011.

His Maruti 800 model, is set to become India’s most-coveted thing if claims of making it fly in the coming months materialises and his “Wright Brothers’” moment arrives.

Currently on static display at the Yelahanka Air Force base, the car named “Avishcar”, meaning innovation in Sanskrit, is inspired from butterflies and bumble bees. “I have translated the mechanism used by small odd-shaped living creatures like the butterfly and the bumble bee to invent this,” says Vishwanath.

“Just like they create a vortex using their wings, I will supply air flow around the car and maintain it the way I want to allow it to move. I have completed the wind tunnel tests and am looking forward to more trials in the coming months,” he said.

Vishwanath, who has worked with US firm Cadence Design System, Infosys and Philips, is extremely confident he can defy the very basics of physics and mathematics — proving our elementary/college teachers wrong.

And to achieve this, he has studied 2.5 million different shapes during 2006 and 2007, in a pursuit to find a solution to the problem of how the car can be made to fly. It was 17 years of “research and tapas (R&T),” as he puts it, that found the solution in 2009. And the eureka moment, he says, was hard to handle after he found the solution to be so simple.

Without divulging the details of the technology, citing copying as a concern, given that he has applied for two patents already and will apply for 40 more in the coming months, he said the principle was that of a vertical lift and the car would run on petrol. No modifications have been made to the car except external additions.

Will this car fly is still a million-dollar question but Vishwanath’s confidence may well be worth the bet.



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