Vaimānika Shāstra

Site with blog is brought under project to provide information of Historical Aeronautics and the present and the Future Aeronautics in the world.

I had been off Vaimanika Shastra for quite some time, and consider that as sin now. I had not been following the websites and not even any new news about Vaimanika Shastra. Getting ourselves updated is one of the important thing.

We had planned for Seminars, and additional RnDs on Vaimanika shastra. I have been working on getting the rights revoked on the book to have it published free for public, but still see there are other means that help out to achieve.


Recent work started with the OCR of the text published in Mysore, we have to meet the veteran researchers on the subject and get the knowledge transferred across.


I see there are very young enthu researches across world (mostly in India) who have come up with research on the Shastra.

Learning them in greater view is what I am looking for. I will be cleansing my sin by inviting all to a seminar on Vaimanika shastra.



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