Vaimānika Shāstra

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There were many Rishis in the name of Bharadwaaja. Whom should we consider?

What is the authenticity?

How can we confirm which period Bharadwaja lived?

Do you think the language is too scientific?

There are many such questions that have been asked to us. We have approached Samskrit language experts to confirm. They did answer us the queries.

I will keep you waiting for the answers.

4 thoughts on “Question How Ancient is Vaimanika Shastra?

  1. how not we using maginatic field not perfectly using system to airfield… is that use less thing …..
    magnatic filed create the shield…. in my language telugu i am not properly speaking in english
    telugu :- mananu ippati daka use chesinivi ani … oka energy formation nuchi inko enery formation ki change chesinavey kadha… ala gey …. maginatic…. and some other material use chesi natural energy ni andhuku create cheyaleka pothunam…..?
    in my dream:- i see a three objects …. i don’t what are they …
    telugu (dream) :- and 3 three object kuda circel formation lo unnnayi…. 2 object same ga unayi… 1 object martharam 1/3 side lo undhi……
    telugu -dream(shape of object):- 1 object avuthey…. land ki flat ga vudhi… anthor one horizontal ga vundhi… kocham distance lo undhi…. 3 object kuda oka 1/3 size object kuda horizontal ga big daniki near ga vundhi….
    telugu-dream-shape of object(construction):-ee constraction bhumi kindha jarindhi….
    telugu- dream -construction(use of this….):- this machanigam creates hute of electric field…

    1. Please draw what you dreamt and send the image for better understanding, (మీరు కన్నది ఒక చిత్రంగ చిత్రించి పంపిస్తె అది ఎమని తెలుస్తుంది).

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