Vaimānika Shāstra

Site with blog is brought under project to provide information of Historical Aeronautics and the present and the Future Aeronautics in the world.

We have started with work on complete Sanskrit Text to be entered on the computer and published as e-Book so that the same could be used for easy copy and paste as well as get easier for researchers to use the Sanskrit text directly instead of the Scanned copies of the book. As it is an ancient text we shall get proper rights to publish the same on the website for the public.


Any one who has the book and could type in Sanskrit (must know the Language and Grammar well) is requested to help us get the chapters of the book typed in word and sent across to us.


Note: Please use the tool from Google to transliterate the text on to the system as it follows the universal standards.

This adds Sanskrit key board to your system. If you are not familiar with the tool please go through instructions on Google before you install this.


Kindly send your details to our contacts so that we could get the track for any data that is being input and avoid duplicate entries.


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