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New Light On Vimana Shastra

article by C. V. Ramprasad from Baudhik Sampada


The world first came to know regarding the existence of the manuscript on Vimanas by Maharishi Bharadwaja through the report of Shri K N N Sastry the Mysore representative of Press Trust of India, filed on 25.08.1952 and published in all the leading dailies of India and later picked up by the other dailies of the world.

Later in September 1952 another article which received wide attention is the reported successful experimental flight of MARUTSAKHA Vimana by Shivkar Bapuji Talphade in the year 1895 on the Chowpatty beach in the Vande Matram a Gujarati Daily. However  highly informative article  on Vimanas coupled with in depth analysis by the Late G V Ketkar, the learned Editor of Kesari and Maratha of Pune, few days later   went unnoticed by the Press. I have drawn much of my information for the present article on Ketkarji’s articles.I wish to  place on record my sincere thanks to Dr. D J Tilak the Editor/Trustee of Kesari for having permitted to use the material for my research.

Shivkar Bapuji Talphade: The current story regarding Shivkar Bapuji Talphade is  that  he successfully flew an unmanned  plane named Marut Sakha  in the year 1895 in Mumbai  on  basis of his study of Rigveda Richas and the commentary of Maharishi Bharadwaja thereof. According to investigations carried out by me,  the  first New Light On Vimana Shastra  reference to experimental studies of Marut sakha appeared in  an article authored by Mr. Lalubhai Kansara of Valsad  in an  issue of Vande matram, a Gujarati Daily in September 1952. A similar story was published in Maratha on 3rd October 1952, the Pune newspaper under the caption ‘First inventor of Aeroplanes an Indian The article starts  as under The Vividha vritta:’ a well known Marathi weekly published at 364 Thakurdwar Bombay 2 in its issue dated 14th September 1952.  On page 9  gives the following information in an article with the above caption.

The summary of the article is as under:

Shivkar Bapuji Talaphade a teacher in the School of Arts  and a scholar of Vedas and Sanskrit demonstrated an  aeroplane he prepared according to the vedic mantras at the Town Hall, Bombay.  As this was highly appreciated by the public he continued his researches. In the year 1895,  he prepared an airplane named Marut Sakha based on Bharadwaja’s work on this subject,  and demonstrated that it could reach nearly to an height of 1500 ft. in the presence of  the Great Sayaji Rao Gaikwad, the then Ruler of Baroda, the late Justice M.G. Ranade and Late Lalji Narayanji a prominent merchant of Mumbai .They were very pleased with the equipment and gave reward to the inventor.

Based on  Bharadwaja ‘s work he came to the conclusion, that  the  machines required for Vimanas  came into full operation, when the power of mercury aided by sun rays and another chemical called “Naksha Rasa” were blended together.  This energy seems  to be stored into something like an accumulator or “Storage batteries” . The aeroplane itself apparently had to await a favorable wind in order to take its flight from the ground. This  plane was said to be eighth type of Vimana (aeroplane) described by Bharadwaja and was called by him by the name of “Marut Saka” (Friend of the wind) .Shri. Talpade died in 1917 at the age of 53.  His descendents thereupon  sold all his materials to Rally Bros an important firm of exporters operating in Bombay at that time. On this article the late G V Ketkar in his articles  on 22nd

February 1953 made thefollowing observations:

‘The news of the successful flight in 1895 is not trust worthy  as the same  does not find mention in Prahin Viman kalecha Shodh a book authored by Talphade and published in   1908 and in Arya Dharma a monthly edited by Talphade from 1904 to 1908’ . The Town Hall was opened for exhibition in the year 1905. Two important points missed out by present day scholars of Vimanas  and pointed out by Ketkarji is that Talphadeji  having conducted experiments  on Marut Sakha after 1908, consequent to his meeting with Subbarya Shastri could not be ruled out as there is a mention of Marut sakha as the 72 nd Adhikarana of Vimana Shastra   and that there are eight types of  Vimanas according to Kansaraji’s articles.’

Pandit Subbaraya Shastri and Late Talphade:

The author of Vaidik Sampati (1932) in his work has stated that according  to Amsubodhini there are eight types of Vimanas ,Marut Sakha been the eighth. Luckily in Bangalore I was able to get a photocopy of  Pandit Subbarya Shastri’s(expounder of Vimana Shastra) autobiography and a photocopy of Bhautik Kala Nidhi   due to the kind  permission of  the Late Dr. B V Raman(in this the kind help of  the Late Dr.S R N Murthy is acknowledged) .

In his autobiography (published in 1972) ,Shastriji states that he made a trip to Bombay to help Dr.Talphade in his experiments on Vimanas and that he died while the experiments was going on. Shastriji also states that Dr. Talphade could have been aware of his work on Vimanas through newspaper /magazines based on his lectures on Vimanas . (This is corroborated by an article published in Bhautik Kala Nidhi(BKN), a monthly on Vimanas from January 1911.) On analysis of the autobiography, this incident can be placed between 1917-1918. According to available records Talphade died on 17-09-1917.

As for Marut Sakha,  Shastriji’s has  given the information of Marut Sakha in BKN as under:
The air possesses heat and velocity. These two can be separated  with the help of certain Yantras (machinery) as mentioned in the Yantra Adhyaya . The air contains Seethaghana and Ooshnaghana or condensation by different process of cold and heat. All those Vimanas which  can be worked by Ooshaanghana after destroying Seethaghana go under the name Marut Sakha Vargam. Shastriji gave detailed information on Vimanas to  Dr. Talphade during his personal meetings as stated in the autobiography.

The autobiography has not given any details of the Vimana prepared by Dr. Talphade . It is quite sad that no scholar perused the line suggested by Ketkar. My reasons for identifying Talphade and Dr. Talphade as one and the same person is that the both were residents of Mumbai, period  of death is the same and according to my studies during the last twenty five years, no name of Talphade has come to my notice who was interested in study of Vimanas like late Shivkar Bapuji Talphade .It may be noted that surname Talphade is found among Pathare Prabhu only. Regarding the  experimental studies  of Dr. Talphade, Subbaraya Shastri writes in his

autobiography as under :

Had providence been a bit more favorable there was every likelihood of his being successful to make the Indian percept Vimana an object of reality .Further on Dr. Talphade he writes  “ This was the end of the career   of an enterprising Scientist ,who for  the first time , in this age of Kali, was able to prove to the world that the Vimana was not merely an object of mythology or a toy of the fairy tales, but which under suitable conditions , could be brought into existence and made a reality and marketable commodity. An important event took place in 1918. On this Late Devudu Narsimha Shastri , a close associate of Shastriji wrote for Shilpa Sansar ( a weekly for propagation of ancient sciences and edited by the Late Major
N B Gadre) 31.12.1955 as under:

Sri Sastry was prevailed upon by Sri Puttanna Chetty , who was an ardent admirer of Sri Sastry , to produce blue prints of the Vimanas he was talking about and he did with few notes.  When Lord (then Mr.) Montague visited India in about 1918, this subject was put before the Government in Bombay by a Parsi gentlemam with the result Sri Sastry was put under arrest and only influence with the highest level could save him from further prosecution. Naturally from that time onwards ,caution made him talk that he was only a theorist.

A letter of Sardar M V Kibe, of Indore. published in Kesari  on 24.10.1952 and refereed to by Ketkarji  states that the Late    Purushottam Vishram Mavji wanted to conduct experiments on energies used to run the Vimanas. He intended to spend one crore rupees for the same. Due to loss in his business and his death in 1929 the project did not take off. Mavji been influenced by the above experiment by Dr. Talphade cannot be ruled out . It may be noted that Mavji had helped Talphade financially earlier and stopped the same after a scientific review of his work (Ref :Kesari 10th May 1953, Article by Pandit S D Satawelekar)  It may be noted that according to the autobiography  a publication committee was formed in Mumbai to publish the works available with Shastriji. immediately after the death of Dr. Talphade. This is a pointer to the fact that  Dr. Talphade’s experiments results were encouraging and not a failure  as claimed by some scholars.

Shastrjii and his source of Knowledge:

The knowledge of Bhautik Shastras was transmitted to Subbaraya Shastriji by his guru Yogi Bhaskaranandji also referred to as Guruji Maharaj in writings of Shastriji somewhere between 1879 to 1885. In fact he deferred the publication of Vimana Shastra and other ancient works as his Guru had not given him permission, though the Late Prof. B Suryanarian Rao was requesting him to help him publish the same from 1885 the year they first met . Prof Rao published  the same in  about 18 issues through  Bhautik Kala Nidhi a monthly specially started by Prof Rao to acquaint the public with
the rich ancient scientific tradition available with Shastryji  from January 1911 onwards. The scientific  and research community should be thankful to Late Prof B Suryanarayana Rao founder editor of Astrological Magazine for having discovered a Gem called Pandit  Subbarya Shastri for us. Subsequently Shastriji came into contact with people. He was appointed as a Lecturer on Hindu Religion subjects by the Government of Mysore on 27th November 1902. This disproves the theory that he was not a Pandit.

SR NO Name of text Author Commentor
1 Agatatwa Lahiri Aswalayana Bodhananda
2 Amsubodhini Bharadwaja Bodhanada
3 Yantra Saraswa Bharadwaja Bodhanada
4 Sakti Tantram Agastya Bodhanada
5 Aaptatwa Aswalayana

In BKN he wrote articles on the following subjects:

The above should remove the misconception that Shastriji dealt only with Vimanas. In fact in BKN he writes that the suggestions in the article on Agattawalahiri should be welcome by all lovers of national prosperity as  it would help in improved cultivation and increases returns.The experimental studies on Amsubodhini  is published in the last issue 41 of Bharatiya Bhaudik Sampada. The source  text was published in the year 1931 from Mumbai. A vigorous search should be conducted to retrieve all the 18 issues of BKN. This will help scholars to understand ancient sciences’ Shastra better  In it he has giving a detailed description of Bhamani Vimana the seventh Vimana according to Bharadwaja.  Only the English version appeared in the year 1940 in Astrological Magazine and  republished in the year 1960 from Saraswati Mahal Library, Thanjavur. Copy is supplied by shri G.G.Joshi Shilpa Sanshodhan Pratisthan Nagpur. This Vimana uses 13 Manis and certain oil as fuel. At the request of the publication committee Shastriji took to the work of dictating the Vimana Shastra.  On non publication of Vimana Shastra,  Subbaraya Shastri writes in Prastana

trayee as under:

In course of time an humble attempt was made to bring out the Vimana Shastra or a scientific work dealing with air-ships and other scientific works but the Lord Almighty being unwilling not only nothing could see the light of day but the attempt had to be abandoned. However the massive amount of money that his disciples were looking for did not come their way. On this B Subbanna retired Judge of the  Chief Court of Mysore writes in his foreward for Prastahana Trayee as under “If indeed the Government of Mysore who were approached for assistance on behalf of Panditji had accorded their patronage several volumes of great interest and value could have been placed before the public by this time’’ The publisher of two of Subbaraya Shastri’s work Rasiklal R Mody states  that the Manuscript of Vimana Shastra was lying with a gentleman who was not allowing its publication. After sometime the manuscript came back to Shastriji, he died. (ref Ketkar Kesari 1953). The information  on Yantra Vimana Shastra published in 1932 in the

text Prasthana Trayee  is as under:


This Shastra in 8 chapters is expounded by the revered Bharadwaja Maharshi.  In it the 28, 339 kinds of vehicles and yantras useful in traveling on land, 783 kinds of vehicles such as Nauka, Dauka, Dola, Jala, etc useful in visible and invisible voyages on the surface of water, below water, on the land below water etc.,  in seas, oceans and like ; the 101 varieties of air-ships classed under the three groups viz. Mantric, Tantric and Kritaka or artificial ones, useful in flying in air by the celestial beings, Gandharvas, Yakshas, Rakshasas, Kinnaras, Kimpurushas, human beings and so  on ; machinery and others appliances to produce and store one thousand kinds of electricity of subtle, gross, visible invisible kinds; machines which  attract metals such as gold, copper, silver, iron etc; Printing press, Lethographs, Paka, Yantra, Kuttinee yantra, Shodhana yantra and also machines to extract oils, acids, essences etc and those which attract sound, likeness of things (photographs), shadows, ideas, transmitting messages etc are dealt with. According to Shastryji Madhusudana Sarawati, a learned personage who lived eight centuries ago revived the scientific texts from the bits available in his time and wrote the Prastana Trayee . This text gives information of about 42 scientific texts of ancient India. I request scholars to study this work  and come out with their conclusion.

The eight types of Vimanas are as under:

SR NO Name Of Type Fuel used Names of sub Type Vimanas
1 Shakatyudgama Vargam Electrical energy Shakti, Garbho, Vegayut Mandali, Panchapa, Iravata
2 Bhuta Vargam Pancha mahabutas Five Major Elements, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Ether(Sky)
3 Dhoom Vargam Propelled by steam or smoke Viswasa, Paribhadra, Garuda AjaMukha, darija
4 SikhedgamaVargam Oils of certain seeds of some trees like
Panchasikhi, Sikhari,Sikhavali, Kundasikhi,
as in vanaspati shastram
shirvaLI, panchmukhi,
Bhairavi, Nandaka, Brindavana
5 Amsuvaha Vargam Propelled by solar energy Prabhavati, Jyochanka, Amsugarbha,
Mayoorka, Saharaksha
6 Taramukha Vargam Using Manis falling from constellation called Manigarbha Nakshatras Taravali,Damboli Tarakasha,Sumangala Panchsirsha
7 Manivahak Vargam Using natural and artificial Manis Bhamani, Bhashamanasha,Bhamati ,Bharat
8 Marut Sakha Details given above Kurma, Varaha, Matsya, Narasihma, Marudvridha

It may be noted that the above classification form part of the sixth chapter from the 63 rd adhikarna onwards. From this is clear that till the 62 nd adhikarna the actual working of Vimanas has not been discussed. The present published texts gives the description of 4 Vimanas not mentioned above. The adhikarna list mentions them.  Except Tripura the others are not even mentioned even as adikarna. They have been mentioned as part of Jatyadhikarna(varieties of aircrafts).It is quite possible that he would taken it from some other commentaries to give a better picture of these aircrafts.

In Amsubodhini’s translator’s note, late G V Sarma writes as under:

The  English portion of this  work is only a commentary and not a translation in the strict sense of the term. For many of the explanations of the original sutras or aphorisms , not found in the Bodhananda’s commentary given in this work , have been taken from other commentaries on the work , by the expounder of this shastra,  Pandit T. Subaraya Shastriji, who is therefore the real translator of this work. This can be applied for Vimana Shastra as well. It is well known that the late G G Joshi took the reported experimental studies on Marut Sakha as a non event, based on Pandit Satawelekar ‘s article in Kesari(10 May 1953.  It appears that he did not have faith in the contents of Vimana Shastra due to its Yogic origin.
However present experimental studies shows that  it is quite possible that the successful experimental studies on Chumbak Mani based on Vimana Shastra conducted at IIT Mumbai in the seventies was not known to him and autobiography of Shastriji not available to him. Had it been known , he would have revised his stand. (The article on Bhamani published from Thanajavur was in his collection .)This however does not lessens his contributions to ancient sciences. He will always be source of inspiration to me.


In short we have to conclude that Talphade was the first experimenter on Vimana Shastra. In this regard it is worth mentioning that  the late S V Shetty wanted to construct a modern plane in 1916 for which permission was denied. In this background the experiment may have been known to  a limited circle. It is possible that Kansaraji got his information from this circle as the Marut Sakha been the eight aircraft is correct . Use of solar rays as a source of energy has been mentioned by Kansaraji. This was not known to modern science when Kansaraji wrote his article in 1952. However as stated above Chumbak Mani was prepared on the basis of Vimana Shastra. Hence Kansaraji’s article cannot be dismissed outright.   It is necessary to make further research to see whether Kansarji wrote any article giving the source of his information. The readers are familiar with the metallurgical and ceramic marvels of Vimana Shastra. However constructing a Vimana is still a distant dream given the little information the present published texts gives us. In this background had the present scholars/scientists access to Talaphade’s notes, things would have been different. I request scholars specially from Mumbai , Bangalore and Chennai to trace Shastriji’s and Talaphade’s writings and notes. I  have  not been able to incorporate all the information, given the space constraints. Presently I am trying to collect all published works of Pandit Subbaraya Shastri. I request readers to help me in this regard.

Any constructive criticism / comments  on the article are welcome.

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  1. dear sir,
    this is amit k singh and am a trainee pilot with indira gandhi rastriya uran akademi fursatganj raebareli up.the provided information is quite informative.i have some query regarding vimana shastra,could i get original manuscript of vimana shastra of maharishi bhardwaj.

    1. Dear Mr. Amit,
      I am a student and i will be starting my first year next year, If you are interested then please do let us work together and restore India’s glorious heritage from its ashes.

      1. Dear Amit,
        I am very thankful to you for this post,and it is very necessary to let our youths to know that we were the best,we are the best,and we will be the best,through tremendous knowledge,which our ancestors have and it is our duty to let them know…
        Kindly Share some more facts about Indian knowledge.
        I will be very great full to you.

        1. yes brother excatly, of late Ive been searching our past and it just astonishes me, the things like metalurgy, ancient warfare, yoga and its various forms, time space cosmos etc., and the vast amount of knowledge that is stolen and appropriated by the west. and even in the last century lot of it had been appropriated and not given credit. what pains me and many is that not even a single achievement is taught in our history books and our history books still contain the colonial falsities which have thoroughly disproved. they are even pumping in more falsities. It stems the confidence in any child reading it. we as this generation of Indians need to change this immediately. this Bharathvarsh, the mother of all civilisations is truly the mother Goddess.

      2. hiii dis is prabhakar from hyderabad and i am also interrested to work with you on this ancient project if you are interested then contact me i am studying my btech 3rd year aeronautical engineering in hyderabad my details are

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    2. hiii amit i am persuving my btech 3rd year aeronautical engineering i am also interested in this ancient work did u get that original book if u r interested sir the we can do that project combinely as in our college also that research work has been started on this project and we are working on it if you have any informayion then please let us know it will be very helpful to us sir ..

      my name is D.sai vara prabhakar and my number is +918790819893 and 9032383880 and i am from hyderabad please help us sir thank you

    1. my self venkatakrishnan, lot of our ancient cultural and vedic concepts are very much advanced science and technicaly that might be the limit. kindly try to approach our vedic concepts with scientific baground instead of thinking it as an old concept. am a prohit and am done my msc psychology.
      thanks and regards for your question dear

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for maintain this informative site. It would be great if clear references are given to the articles that had been published regarding the first test flight at Chowpatty with dates and publishing newspaper/magazine. It is also very unfortunate that the IIS, Bangalore has outrightly rejected the Vimanika Shastra contents. I believe the rejection stems from two things –
    1. The diagrams made from the text was by T.K. Ellappa. These diagrams were added later on. The study by IIS may have found the diagrams incorrect which may merely mean that the translation from text to diagram made by T.K Ellappa was incorrect.
    2. The text was originally in Sankrit and there may have been faults during translation to English.
    3. Modern science is not yet mature enough to understand all of the techniques mentioned in the Vimanika Shastra. For example, the Shastra speaks of using solar energy and Liquid Metal (probably Mercury) which are now being used as energy sources propulsion fuels only recently. 100 years back, someone speaking about using mercury or sunlight as fuels would have been rubbished. Same way, the other techniques in the shastra are being rubbished by IIS today. But 20 years from now, these may get authenticated.

    I fear that when in the future, an actual plane or spacecraft is made with use of one of the Vimanika shastra propulsion techniques, the technique will bear the name from someone from the west and our Vimanika shastra will go into oblivion.

    Thanks for reading the comment!! Jai Hind!

    Samarjit Baruah
    Guwahati, Assam

    1. Hi
      As always is the case some people sitting on a treasure and don’t have the true wisdom to do anything whit it .the very same reason they prevent others more wise to help to help your countrymen to achieve the greatest( I talk here size )flying machines this word i have the machine need the spirit to fly so you see the idea simple but to intercept the spirit that is the great achievement. When you know this you can make 100 type of flying birds and does not matter how many mistakes are in any books a man who knows books are cheap paper one sugestion I still have find the man who knows your success will be faster Arpad

    2. excatly brother. THis appropriation has happened many a times in past millenia. It should not be allowed to happen at least after the next decade. We Indians are taught such false history, which is literally of no value. It makes us feel inferior. This has to go and true history has to be taught. We should unite and make this hapen.

  3. Where to search for Vaimanika Shastra Book, I want to buy, but not able to find over the internet, Pls help,

    No Specific Information about from where it was founded, so that i can followup, Auther of this Blog pls help!

  4. The very first translational error in VS is that soma,shoundalika and mourthwika are infact mineral ores and not metals.Also Raajaloha is a modification of Iron that is very easy to manufacture.Several other alloys are also easy to decode.I wonder how people call it hoax.Even scientists at IISC failed to understand.


    1. Avadhut ji meine bharat ki purani science and technology par research kar raha hoon.sabse jyada rahasayamaya aur vivaspad vaimanika shastra hai. mein kafi kuch iske bare mein khoj raha hoon. aap ek AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE ENGINEER hai aur iske bare mein kafi kuch batein khojne mein meri help kar sakte hai. to mei apse request karta hoon agar aap meri help karna chahte hai toh meri id hai aap please contact karein.

  6. Hello:
    I would like an English or Hindi or Sanskrit version of the Vaimanik Shashtra. Any one know if it is print.

  7. Hello:
    I just read on Wikipedia the following. Is it really an early 20th century text? I thought it was very ancient. Can some please clarify.

    Vaimānika Shāstra
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    (Redirected from Vaimanika Shastra)
    This article contains Indic text. Without proper rendering support, you may see question marks or boxes, misplaced vowels or missing conjuncts instead of Indic text.

    Title page of the English translation of Vyamanika Shastra published in 1973
    The Vaimānika Shāstra ( वैमानिक शास्त्र, lit. “shastra on the topic of Vimanas”; sometimes also rendered Vimanika, Vymanika) is an early 20th-century Sanskrit text on aeronautics obtained by psychic channeling and automatic writing. It makes the claim that the vimānas mentioned in ancient Sanskrit epics were advanced aerodynamic flying vehicles, similar to a rocket.

    The existence of the text was revealed in 1952 by G. R. Josyer who asserted that it was written by Pandit Subbaraya Shastry (1866–1940), who dictated it during the years 1918–1923. A Hindi translation was published in 1959, while the Sanskrit text with an English translation was published in 1973. It contains 3000 shlokas in 8 chapters which Shastry claimed was psychically delivered to him by the ancient Hindu sage Bharadvaja.[1] The text has gained favor among proponents of ancient astronaut theories.

    A study by aeronautical and mechanical engineering at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore in 1974 concluded that the aircraft described in the text were “poor concoctions” and that the author showed a complete lack of understanding of aeronautics. The study also states “The Rukma Vimana was the only one which made sense. It had long vertical ducts with fans on the top to suck air from the top and send it down the ducts, generating a lift in the process.” [2]

    1. Hi Girish Shah,

      We agree that the IISc had given such a report. The Recent results from multiple Research institutes including IISc proved that the previous conclusions from them were wrong.
      Infact in 2012, around Septemper – October, there was a conference held in Uttaradi Math, Bangalore, on Vaimanika Shastra, where professor a from IISc came with his students studying on Vaimanika Shastra, another person an retired Aeronautical Engineer, had his team explaining the Shakuna Vimana (Bird like Aricraft) and also brought a model that flew across.

      Quad-copter is infact the description of Rukma vimana, – Consider this being latest technology, but how were they explained in a book that was published first in 1950s and later with English translation in 1970s. Also, we would suggest to read the book Rediscovery of Vaimanika Shastra – A project study conducted by wg. Cdr. M.P.Rao, etc. of Aeronautical Society of India on behalf of Aerospace Information Panel of Aeronautics Research and Development Board, B-Wing, Sena Bhavan, New Delhi 110011, India. – you need password for this, once downloaded from links provided on the page, please follow instructions as per the web page.


      1. Hello,
        Thanks for your response. I hope someone who is knowledgeable can take the initiative to change the contents in Wikipedia. It is important that Wikipedia reflect the truth. Westerners do tend to downplay India’s achievements. More apalling and depressing is the the fact that many indian scholars tend to put down India .
        However, my question is whether there is any other ancient text about Viman? I know there are references in Ramayan and sporadic references in other texts.
        1) Is this a fact that there is no dedicated text or book on Vman other than the Vymanik Shastra.
        2) what is the role of Rishi Bhardwaj as far as Vimans are concerned?
        3) Is there any estimate on the time period when he lived?

        I am also trying to find information regarding the discovery of the city of Dwarka under the gulf of Cambay. Do scholars now agree that the underwater city is Dwarka?
        please share any information you have or please direct me to any resource you are aware of. i hope you dont mind my questions.
        Thanks for your time and Namaste.

        1. Hi Girish,

          The vimanas listed in Ramayana is not related to the ones that are flying in this yuga. they are called mantra vimanas (which flew with mantra shakti), where as the ones in this yuga is called yantra vimana (ones that use engines). In fact, even in dwapara and satya(krit) yugas there are references of vimanas which are tantra and tapo/satya shakthi vimanas respectively.

          Getting back to books on vaimanika shastra, yes there are 2 references, both said to be by same Rishi, and have similar shlokas, one with the hindi translation is called brihad vimana shastra (the larger version) other is called vaimanika prakaranam or vaimanika shastra (with english translation published in Mysore).
          Amshubhodhini and other related books are available with as the references, however, there is no trace of DarpraNaprakarana, or yantrasarvasva or valmiki ganita available now, however, there are chances of these books available in countries western or eruopean countries.
          Another point here, We need to know that most of the knowledge in Bharatha varsha was not recorded in books they were thought in the form of shruthi hence, there might be unrecorded documents on this.

          Maharshi Bharadwaja is considered the one who learnt the shastra from Guru Dakshina murthy (Knowledge form of Lord Shiva) and authored the vaimanika shastra.
          There are scholars working on the estimation of the time period of the Maharshi Bharadwaja, however, the time with respect to British is not proper, the vaimanika shastra was authored in kali yuga, and it was between 1000BC to 500BC as per one of the estimations. We do not have proofs for this however, with respect to the way the text is rendered, it is considered older than what was initially judged.

          Getting to proofs of dwaraka, there yes, people do agree with the existance of dwaraka with proofs of photographs that were taken in the first mission, there are documentaries that are published on that, you can look for them, additionally, the Story of India bbc Michael wood is a good reference for this.
          Also you might refer the below books:
          S. R. Rao, The Lost City of Dvaraka National Institute of Oceanography (1999) ISBN 81-86471-48-0
          S. R. Rao, Marine Archaeology in India, Delhi, Publications Division (2001) ISBN 81-230-0785-X.
          A. S. Gaur, Sundaresh and Sila Tripati, “An ancient harbour at Dwarka: Study based on the recent underwater explorations”, Current Science, Indian Academy of Sciences (May 10, 2004).

  8. Dear Friends,
    I was so passion about flying at my child hood my sister said that she saw a ancient vimana passing though clouds,I wonderd.. And i used to watch movies flying based.. Later i disided to become pilot gone through medical test went to Philippines that was my first flight i feel the controls but one thing i honestly saying it doesn’t sense me flying not a real joy according to me flying is not a rush in to air its flot naturally just like a bird…right now what we are flying is not a real aircraft its just for commercial….

    This above story tells you if a man decided he can do it…

    But i didn’t yes i didn’t yet taste the real fly i tried even paragliding still i didn’t

    I use to believe that their that which is realstic days passed then i come to know about bardwaj vaimanika sastra… I really want to know facts about this sastra not only that i want to built one … Yes iam agree i am half knowledge person…but my question is who write the Ramayana and who is? Then y cant we? I know we need to spend a lot of time i am ready to built by useing our ancient sastras… Who are rest they can join me lets begin with what is nesasary … Guys join our hands togather email me

  9. Hi,friends….from the childhood i am bitter objectioner of tv serial “The mahabharata”.. becouse according to my grandmother’s mom, the story of ramayana and mahabharata is about 3,50,000years old the atomic war of kurukshtra. by her story she used to describe about arjuna( one of pandavas of mahabharata) destroy “hirramba nagari” returning timeto earth which situated between earth and swargolok. thats point of time indian space commanding officer is my only aim… but it is not possible to made a space city in 2014, but i will hopr so…weating for the day till the last breadth….

    1. actually it is said that arjun has contact with mayan’s situated in todays america. and in this long jerney there was a beautifull island. which was considered as an heaven. this was some possibillities which may be correct

  10. hello ,
    i m sachan and i want to collect our ancient text written by our maharishi. and i m worried about that western countries are working on our texts but we r not even what we have to look which is provided by western scientist, how we can get those articles in the original forms.

    plz share the info in my mail or my contact no.8802278720

  11. What happened to all the discussion’s above, did anyone find the original book. Are people still working on these projects and was there any further finding. I saw a programme on one of the news channels today on this subject where the panditji spoke about vimana shastra and I searched the Web and got to this page
    I want to know if anyone is aware of how old this vimana shastra book is?

  12. Sir i want real vimanika book in hindu jo 100% pure ho plz nd if u r working on this plz i wana work nd study wid you….7351308003 or give me some great person who working or research for vimanika sastra

      1. hii sir i am from hyderabad we are doing research on vaimanikha shastra

        sir can you please send me the copy of original copy of the “vaimanikha sastra” plss sir my contract no is 8790819893.

        please help me sir

    MOB 9451494054,8090993425

  14. I have a copy of Vaimanika shastra in pdf. Please post your email address and I will send it across from a broadcast email address.

    *** I am not sharing my email address just to avoid any controversy.

    1. I am studying on Vaimanika shastra if you hvae Vaimanika shastra Documents Please give Vaimanika shastra documents

  15. dear all
    we have a grup working in this topic science 2012 ,
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    1. Dear all,

      I would be grateful if somebody having English, Hindi or Sanskrit Version of Vaimanika Shashtra or anything relating to it, shares the same with me.

      You may please forward the same at

      I have been studying the relevant information for quite some time, and am very fascinated to study our ancient history and technology.

      Thanks in Advance.

      Arvind Goyal

  16. sir i am a 22 year old boy who is interested in ancient history and inventions from childhood but don’t have sources from starting to go for all this and study all things as u know that for all this there we have to give just like whole life…
    but recently i watch the movie hawaizaada and got curious about all..
    so just can anyone send me pdf of that book too …
    and also share some knowledge with me
    ..ill b glad if koi b help kare…
    my email is

  17. I went to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Washington DC @ where first model of right brothers are available to display.

    Same gallery showed their mark-list as well when we asked museum guide why they need to put mark-list (?obviously as a evidence of their intelligence ) He said they were having just a cycle shop and not any other engineering background.

    So people of his own country questioned that how can he invent a plane?. When I dig more I came to know that his father was travelling outside of his country for many years.

    I immediately sense that he might have came to India that time and took rights from “Talapate” (as once published in Sakal news paper)

    Exact evidence can be found if somebody willing to do so.

  18. Every thing in ancient INDIA is trash to some half knowledged fellows.Do U forget the contribution made b y Aryabhata or Varaha Mihira or Chanakya.? Some have to be accpted without proof .Many hypotheses, theories were accepted, like that. E =m ( c square) was not verified till late , Theorey of relativity took years to be accpted, Newtons Photon theorey disapproved first again consolidated.Many laws cannot be verified. Simlarly see the case of Valmiki, Kalidas what did they. study? Unnecessary glorifications hould be treated as fiction and enjoy

  19. it is mentioned in resent research that vimanas mentioned in the vimanika sastra are impossible to fly and they breaks Newtons law of motion. in my perspective if the dont break the NLM they can not fly beyond our atmosphere….

  20. I am devotee of vishnu, and currently working in HCL, from childhood i am reading all books related to aur religion because my father have shop of religious books, but i need some research work on vimanika, i have a good people group working in embedded and aeronautics, just i need some guidance .. which i am finding from past one month, with relted original copy of vimaika shastra in sanskrit the original one, i can translate it, and i am ready to involve in it till i find a good result. my mail is :
    contact: 07092354513

  21. Hi,
    Im very much interested to learn about our ancient vimanas… can anyone send me a copy of the book in english version pls..

    1. We are still waiting to get the rights to upload the book online. As it is copy right protected, we would have to purchase the book from the publisher in Mysore or get it from Vedanta Book house in Chamarajpet, Bangalore.

      1. I was searching these text from years and found a PDF document which is copyrighted. And don’t know who is the author or creator of the document.

  22. can u send the more information about Dhoom Vargam & Amsuvaha Vargam i will conduct experimental project in 4th year BE-mech …… pls send me

    lot thanks for giving historical information…………..

  23. guys, i have recently started research on vimana shashatra and i found one place on internet where i got some notes of real vimana shashatra. i found only six chapter with English translations with 10 Sanskrit pages too and also some file extensions for eBook too i have these three file extensions, but problem is that they are new to windows. i have stored them. no new path to vimana shashatra here.

  24. guys if you all are serious than we should start work on this. my whatsapp no. is 9165956362. u can contact to me and chat on whatsapp for further steps.

  25. dear sir,
    i am proud on my indian hrishis of aryavarta thanks for ure giving our religious text knowledge …………….i want to reserch with u

  26. sir please,
    would anyone provide me any information about its material and it’s any part which is related to it but is not on the site.
    I know very well that this project is confidential for its researchers. please…….

      1. Mr. Amit we are Indians and have more appropriate approach to the meaning of Sanskrit. So if we could get the code of PDF or if you have Sanskrit edition pls let me know.

  27. Namste

    First i like to thank author for such fantastic information. Its happy to see light been throne on our precious shastras, it will defiantly show better path in future and bring glory to our country and to our assistors.
    I have seen this kind of work has been carried by foreign countries more than ours, its time to gather of like minded people to do extraordinary. I’m too interested in such kind of work so recently i started gathering information about ancient tech. I’m also interested to be part of your team and contribute.
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  28. people here are laying more emphasis on vimanika shastra. but the fast is that the vimanika shastra book does not have much information on how to build the vimans completely. most of the method of purification of metals and alloy and the metallurgy process by which we can build the murcury vortex engine is provided in the vedas.

    for example, the vedas regard mercury with very importance. solidified mercury shiv linga is very powerful tool for worship. a liquid mercury alloy with ferrosoferic compound which is adhesive with mercury and can form a homogeneous mixture with mercury can be used in the vortex engine. spinning the mercury in a glass tube (as stated in vimanika shastra) using a series of electromagnets will cause a whirlpool or vortex and will negate/bend the gravitational fields. In adition the this, ever heard of acoustic levitation? Vimanika sastra also describes the use of asoustics which give sounds like So,Ma,Om, etc in the order 1,64,768 etc for levitation.

    1. A Vimana is an ancient flying machine described in ancient Indian scripts. It is said to be protected by a strange energy barrier that is preventing troops from extracting the Vimana. the shocking element — that was kept a secret — was that the certain Vimana seemed to be caught in a strange temporal loop.
      To the “Time Well” encasing the Vimana, it appears to be an electromagnetic radiation-gravity field first postulated by Albert Einstein as the Unified Field Theory and long rumored to be behind the infamous American World War II experiment in teleportation called the Philadelphia Experiment that in 1943.
      There are also ample references followed by explanations, detailed construction designs and energetic solutions in many other Hindu writings, among which the most important is Vimanika Shastra where it is stated that the Hindu Vimanas had the capacity to fly with a great speed through the terrestrial atmosphere, under water, through oceans and also in outer space. While researching the Vedas (ancient texts) including around 50 episodes of the “Mahabharata”, Sir Desmond Leslie concluded that the ancient chariots or flying machines called Vimanas were actually anti gravitic vehicles and some of the weapons (Brahma weapon) could well have been nuclear bombs or death rays. Descriptions in the Vedas of the resulting carnage were reminiscent of Hiroshima.
      A five thousand year old ancient Indian VIMANA found in Afghanistan cave, eight American soldiers stuck in TIME WELL disappeared in attempt to remove it
      A 5000 year old Vimana, an aerial vehicle from ancient India was discovered in a cave in Afghanistan, that has caused the disappearance of at least 8 American Soldiers ( stuck in a “Time Well” ) in an attempt to extract it from the cave.
      An ancient flying machine approximately 5000 years old called Vimana in the Hindu writings, was found in one of the caves of the complicated mountain chain from Afghanistan. The writing “Mahabharata” from the Hindu tradition made numerous references to these flying machines

  29. Sir,
    My name is mahesh btech 4th year in EEE from hyderabad.

    Sir,I interested to invite a new vimana,sir I want to join in your project sir.

    My contact details.

  30. guys swadeep here again, i have found a new information about vimanika shashtra, that is it is only a small part of actual scripts about vimana and machines by maharishi bhardwaj, that is “anshubodhini” and i have also found news about vimanika shashtra,that is VYMANIKA SHASTRA
    REDISCOVERED sharing website

  31. Sir heard about vimana sastra want to do reaserch about this old technology how to do it

  32. Good morning sir
    There is a mention of other texts such as Darla shastra etc and mention of other properties of sun rays . Sir I wanted to ask if there are any remaining such texts other than vimanika shastra.

  33. Hello! I’ve been studying the Vimaniska skastra literature for more than a decade, and I’ve probably learned the secret of the mercury engine. It’s a device that generates a gravitational field!

  34. hi,
    I am into drone designing field providing drones to Indian Army. let me know what want to join with my team to design based on above mentioned article.

    Atleast implementing the design part, i can assue it can be done. We an use battery as of now as energy generation method is bit complex.


    Kanwaljit Singh

    1. You may better contact Vedanta book house – in Bengaluru, to have the book or get the book from the printer in Mysuru. We have a soft copy, however, as it is yet to be out of copy rights, it has not been published online.

    1. One thing for sure is that no one know what really Shivkar ji had, there are two publications of Vaimanika Shastra,
      1. Vainamika PrakaranaM
      2. Brihad Vimana Shastra
      Both are available in oriental libraries/research institutes across India, we do not recommend to duplicate these copies as they are still copyright protected.
      We are working on getting the copy rights released for Vaimanika prakanam, so that we can put it on This book is available for sale in Mysore from the publisher himself and also in Bangalore – Vedanta Book house.
      David H Childress has however got the copy of the book’s English translation put in his book.
      From the research that we have done, there are some anomalies in the then English translation, and our work is still in progress to get them fixed as well.


    1. We appreciate the reference you have provided,
      However, this is not the original work, Samskrit has many meanings for one word, and this is a single interpretation of the then translators, however, as the book is still copyright protected under Indian Law, it cannot be directly published on any such content. Hence, we do not recommend the reference to be approved on our website.

  35. University of California at Irvine,
    Aerospace Engineers recreated an Aircraft model based on drawings obtained from the ‘Rig Veda’ written in 1500 B.C and tested whether the Aircraft model is viable
    Their Conclusion: Yes it is viable. See the video-👏
    I had doubt and hence I checked. It was done in 2018 and the details are there is in you tube.
    They have made a model and found it is workable. See the link below
    There is mention of a Vimana Model (Aircraft) attributed to Sage Bharadwaj.
    Prof GRC Nair, 9846174300. Pune, 27/ 7 2021

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